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HSX 650

High speed, high performance 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Centers is equipped with Electro-Spindle which can easily perform variety of operation starting from heavy roughing to precision finishing work. Heavily ribbed Structure provides excellent balancing while machining operations, enabling the centre of gravity of moving mass to remain always within driving points of slides. The machines are having many alternates in spindles, ATC & palletization.


A revolutionary concept of High Dynamic High Precision HSX Series suitable for a wide range of applications right from heavy duty cutting to high speed machining typically designed to increase positional accuracy at actual working feed acceleration and decelerations with optimized dynamic characteristics, while reducing metal cutting or ideal machining time so that it can delivers quick response to commands.

Key Features

  • High table load carrying capacity with wider working area
  • Efficien chip removal and coolant system
  • 180° indexing hydraulic type auto pallet changer
  • High torque 10.000 rpm electro-spindle
  • 40-tool 180° indexing arm type Auto Tool Changer
  • Operator-friendly panel

Technical Specification

HSX 650
Linear axes
X axis mm 780
Y axis mm 730
Z axis mm 750
Rapid feedrate m/min X / Y / Z : 50
Pallet device    
Qty pallets mm 2
Pallet size mm 500 x 630
Workpiece size (Ø x height) mm 800 x 950
Max. load on each pallet kg 700
Rotating speeds rpm 60
Distance from pallet surface to spindle centre mm 80 - 810
Distance from pallet centre to spindle nose mm 100 - 850
Rotating speed rpm 10,000
Tool taper   ISO 50
Power (S1 / S6) kW 41
Torque (S1 / S6) Nm 170
Characteristic speed rpm  
Automatic tool changer    
No. of housings   40
Max. tool diameter mm 125 / 230
Max. tool weight kg 15
Max. tool length mm 350
Accuracy (as per VDI / DGQ 3441)    
Uncertainty (P)    X / Y / Z : 0,010 mm
Repeatability (Ps medium)   X / Y / Z : 0,005 mm
Other data    
Weight  kg 19,000
Length (doors closed + conveyor) mm 3,255
Width mm 5,212
Height mm 3,500
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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