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KX 30

Defying Time !


KX, a timeless name given to the first portal-structured machine and one that still features in the HRUON product range. It incarnates the most efficien concept for machining complex parts along three axes, from roughing to finishing.

This series of machines combines dynamic action and precision for top quality surface finishes, espacially for 3D shapes for moulds, forgings and tooling.

Key Features

  • Ribbed cast iron structure offering high mechanical performance for greater rigidity
  • Excellent absorption of the vibrations generated by the tough cutting conditions
  • Floor anchoring to maintain geometric stability and precision over time

Technical Specification

KX 30
Linear axes
X axis mm 1.800
Y axis mm 1.000
Z axis mm 700
Rapid feedrate m/min X / Y : 30 Z : 18
Dimension mm 2.000 x 1.000
Admissible load kg 4.000
Nuts mm 10 x 18 x 100
Distance under portal mm 770
Distance spindle nose/top table 225 / 925
Rotating speed rpm 18.000
Taper HSK 63-A
Power (S1 / S6) kW 25 / 35
Torque (S1 / S6) Nm 86 / 120
Characteristic speed rpm 2.800
Automatic tool changer
Qty of housings 24
Max. tool diameter mm 90
Max. tool weight kg 7
Max. tool length mm 300
Accuracy (according VDI / DGQ 3441)
Positioning (P) mm X : 0,009 Y / Z : 0,007
Repeatability (PS medium) mm X / Y / Z : 0,005
Other data
Weight of the machine kg 17.000
Length (Doors opened + Conveyor mm 4.340
Width mm 6.310
Height mm 3.425
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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