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MX 11

Powerful, Rapid, Accurate
Your solution for large complex workpieces !


The MX multifunctions machining centre is a high flexibility machine enabling machining operations in 5 axes and on 5 sides, in one setup part clamping, from roughing to finishing.

Key Features

Milling (M)

  • 5 axes machining
  • Hard material machining in a minimal time
  • Very high accuracy in contouring and profiles
  • Complete automation of the machine

Head and spindle

  • Head equipped with integrated torque motor
  • Head on a 45° plane allowing tilting from -45° to 180°
  • Powerful spindle with high torque allowing high metal removal rate
  • Monitoring of the machining’s vibrations to secure all the elements of the machine, the tool as well as the workpiece

Technical Specification

MX 11 M
Linear axes
X - Y - Z axes mm 1.250 x 1.250 x 1.000
Rapid feedrate m/min 40
Head - Rotating axis A
Type of head Universal head
Swivelling -45 ° / +180°
Rotating speed rpm 100
Table - Rotating axis C Milling
Table size mm 1.250 x 1.100
Admission load on table kg 2.500
Rotating speeds rpm 30
Rotating speed rpm 14.000
Tool taper HSK 63-A
Power kW 29
Torque Nm 277
Characteristic speed rpm 1.000
Automatic tool changer
No. of housings 60
Max. tool diameter mm 120
Max. tool weight kg 8
Max. tool length mm 400
Accuracy (as per VDI / DGQ 3441)
Uncertainty (P) X / Y / Z : 0,007 mm A, C : 10 sec
Repeatability (Ps medium) X / Y / Z : 0,004 mm A, C : 5 sec
Over-all measurements (Doors opened + conveyor)
Width mm 5.900
Depth mm 8.500
Height mm 3.600
Weight of the machine mm 28.000
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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