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NX Series
NX 40

High Performance Double column machining centres


NX Series heavy duty double column vertical machining centres are suitable for heavy machining of bigger components greatly increasing the work envelope, permitting larger parts to be machined, and a wider range of tool lengths to be used in the same setup.

Key Features

  • Z-axis moves on wide hardened and ground guideways with ram type movement of headstock offering vibration free cutting. Ram type design allows for more rigid machining at greater extensions from the headstock
  • Having FEM proven state-of-art design NX Series has Y ans Z axes movement on spindle head and X-axis on table with a wider gap maintained between both the columns enabling it to have larger size components
  • Besides rigidity and vibration free cutting, RAM type construction offers maximum cutting options with flexibility as the tool could reach complex machining edges without much interference of axis elements
  • X and Y axes moves on precise and high class LM guideways enabling higher rapids and better productivity. Also wider range of spindle taper and rpm options provides flexibility as per customer requirement.

Technical Specification

NX 40
X-Achse mm 2,200
Y-Achse mm 1,500
Z-Achse mm 800
Eilgang  m/min X / Y : 20
Z : 15
Tischgröße mm 2.200 x 1.250
Zulässige Tischbelastung kg 6,000
T-Nuten mm 9 x 18 x 125
Abstand Tisch Oberfläsche / Boden mm 790
Abstand Spindelnase / Tischoberkante mm 200 / 1.000
Durchlass im Portal mm 1,600
Saugkapazität m3/h  
Staubbehälter l  
Automatischer Palettenwechsler    
Anzahl Paletten mm  
Palettengröße mm  
Maximales Gewicht auf der Palette kg  
Abstand Palettenoberfläsche / Boden mm  
Abstand Spindelnase / Palettenmitte mm  
Drehzahl rpm 6,000
Spindelaufnahme   ISO 50
Leistung (S1 / S6) kW 18,5 / 28
Drehmoment (S1 / S6) Nm 118 / 178
Nenndrehzahl rpm 1,500
Automatischer Werkzeugwechsler    
Anzahl der Werkzeugeplätze   24
Max. Werkzeugdurchmesser mm 127 / 254
Max. Werkzeuggewicht kg 15
Max. Werkzeuglänge mm 350
Genauigkeit (nach VDI / DGQ 3441)    
Positioniergenauigkeit (P) mm X / Y / Z : 0,020
Wiederholgenauigkeit (PS mittel) mm X / Y / Z : 0,008
Weitere Daten    
Gewicht kg 22,000
Länge (Türen geschlossen + Förder) mm 7,350
Breite mm 7,400
Höhe mm 4,400
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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