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Umill Series
Umill 6

Power, Rapidity, Accuracy
The solution for complex workpieces with 5 axes !


Umill range is a 5-axis machining centre with a portal structure and a swivelling rotary table on cradle.

Its modern design and compact size are optimized to guarantee a minimal footprint without compromising the fundamental caracteristics of the HURON machines : enhanced rigidity for high performance and quality machining.

This range is ideally suited for complex parts in 3 or 5 axes, from roughting to finishing, for various sectors such as high precision mechanical parts, automotive, rail, energy, machining of 3D forms, or aerospace.

Key Features


  • structure with fixed portal in ribbed cast iron with stiffness walls attenuate the torsional stresses
  • cast iron with a high mechanical performance which maximizes structure rigidity and allows optimum harmonic stability and maximum damping during demanding cutting conditions
  • modular design allowing maximum flexibility in machine configurations to adapt to the technical requirements of the customer


  • swivelling rotary table fixed on cradle
  • excellent approach to the workpiece on its 5 faces thanks to the swivelling of the table
  • optimized travels to offer an important distance under the spindle nose


  • powerful spindle with high torque
  • spindle body designed to facilitate accessibility to the workpiece during the 5-axis machining

Technical Specification

Product video : Umill Series   Power test : Power test Umill
Umill 6
X axis mm 700
Y axis mm 740
Z axis mm 550
Rapid feedrate m/min 40
Table - A/C axes
A axis : Swiveling - Swivelling speed -20° / +110° - 20 rpm
C axis - Rotary - Rotary speed 360° - 35 rpm
Table dimension mm dia. 630
Admissible load kg 600
Spindle speed rpm 10.000
Taper ISO 40
Power (S1/S6) kW 12 / 26,2
Torque (S1/S6) Nm 115 / 250
Caracteristic speed rpm 1.000
Automatic tool changer
Qty housings 30
Max. diameter of tool mm 80
Max. weight of tool kg 7
Max. length of tool mm 300
Accuracy (according VDI / DQG 3441)
Positioning uncertainty (P) X / Y / Z : 0,015 mm
Repeatability (Ps medium) X / Y / Z : 0,005 mm
Weight of the machine kg 13.000
Width (doors closed + chips conveyor mm 5.350
Depth mm 3.700
Height mm 3.600
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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