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NX Series
NX 70

Power and rigidity for roughing !


The NX series of flexible, modular three-axis portal milling centres fulfils the most exacting demands in the field of general mechanical and precision engineering.

Its portal structure, wide distance between uprights and optimized cutting conditions provide an ideal environment for intense, quality machining of large, heavy and complex parts.

Key Features

  • Robust construction and floor anchoring to guarantee precision and geometric stability
  • High chip removal capacity on roughing with the friction guiding system on the vertical axis
  • Large table area and wide distance between uprights to process the full volume of the workpiece
  • Outstanding accessibility to the table and workpiece thanks to the tunnel-type shroud
  • Efficient swarf removal
  • Tilting operator panel
  • Simpler maintenance

Technical Specification

NX 70
Linear axes
X axis mm 4.200
Y axis mm 2.200
Z axis mm 700
Rapid feedrate m/min X / Y / Z : 15
Table dimension mm 3.500 x 2.000
Admissible load kg 10.000
Slots mm 12 x 22 x 160
Distance top table / floor mm 920
Distance spindle nose / top table mm 200 / 1.000
Distance between the columns mm 2.500
Rotating speed rpm 6.000
Taper ISO 50
Power (S1 / S6) kW 21,5 / 32,3
Torque (S1 / S6) Nm 117 / 170
Nenndrehzahl rpm 1.500
Tools changer
Nb of housings 24
Max. tool diameter mm 127 / 254
Max. tool weight kg 15
Max. length of tool mm 350
Accuracy (according to VDI / DGQ 3441)
Positioning (P) mm X / Y / Z : 0,020
Repeatabilità (PS medium) mm X / Y / Z : 0,008
Other informations
Weight of the machine kg 37.000
Width (Doors opened + chips conveyor) mm 6.160
Length mm 10.650
Height mm 4.790
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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