PX 40

The PX 40 milling centre is fully dedicated to productivity.
Its compact and rigid design allows excellent surface
finishes to be achieved in short cycle times.
This product combines dynamism and machining
precision and is perfectly suited to mass production lines.


RDX 30

The RDX 30 milling centre has been specially designed
for the production of workpieces with particularly high
demands on precision and quality, such as general
and precision mechanics. Its compact and rigid design
allows excellent surface finishes to be achieved.


Umill Series

Suitable for complex workpieces
machined in 3 or 5 axes.


KXG Series

Suitable for big sized complex workpieces
with requirement of high precision in 5-axes.


KX Five Series

5-axes machining.
KX Five Series allow very high quality
surfacing for profiles in one setup cleamping.


MX Series

Machining operations in 5 axes and on 5 sides,
in one setup part clamping, from roughing to finishing,
as well as turning operations.


KX Large Series

5 axes, from roughing to finishing,
of all kind of complex workpieces such as injection molds,
forging dies, punching dies, cutting tools, aeronautic parts.



produces a wide range of turning and milling solutions dedicated to machining by chip-removal.

The current range aims to satisfy the most varied requirements. From unique models to small and medium-sized production runs, for turning or milling, the “All-in-One” meets the expectations of our most demanding customers.

From the small vertical centre to the large-sized machine with its palletizing system, Huron is confirming its creative ambitions once and for all to enable customers to enjoy a complete production tool at a particularly low productivity cost.

Boosting Features

with our various machines


Leading CNC Machine Manufacturing Company

The HURON high-speed machining and milling centres which are sold across the world are manufactured in our facilities close to Strasbourg in France.

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5-axis Marvel it is!

A range of very high performance 5-axes bridge type machining centres for machining of complex and critical components.

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