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KX Large Series
KX 300

High performance double column machining centres for machining of complex parts.


The KX Large Series offers a wide selection of machines for continuous five-axis/five-side machining of complex parts.
The fixed-portal architecture and machine design ensure maximum rigidity for extremely precise machining in a variety of difficult materials.
Its large work area, capable of supporting up to 20 tonnes in weight and accomodating processable volumes up to 4.080 x 2.180 x 1.550 mm, is suited to machining large parts for general mechanical and precision engineering, 3D shapes, and the aeronautical and energy sectors.
Customer reguirements are comfortably met by the modularity of design, the choice of variants, and equipment.

Key Features

  • Machine with palletizing function for increased productivity
  • Volumetric precision for making moulds and complex parts
  • Wide clearance between the columns to exploit the work volume fully
  • Spindle offering optimum performance for roughing and finishing
  • Spindle suited to high chip rates
  • Structural design guaranteeing long mechanical life
  • High degree of precision due to direct measurement on the linear and rotary axes

Technical Specification

KX 300
Linear axes
X axis mm 5.000
Y axis mm 3.100
Z axis mm 1.500
Rapid feedrate m/min X / Y / Z : 20
Rotating axes on head
Type of head Forked head
Rotating axes B - Swivelling axis : +/- 105° C - Rotating axis : +/- 190°
Rotating speed rpm B, C : 30
Torque : motor / clamping Nm 7.000
Structure Fixed table
Table size mm 5.200 x 2.000
Admission load on table kg 20.000
Rotating speed rpm 18.000
Tool taper HSK 63-A
Power kW 30
Torque Nm 240
Characteristic speed rpm 1.200
Automatic tool changer
No. of housings 40
Max. tool diameter mm 100 / 190
Max. tool weight kg 8
Max. tool length mm 300
Accuracy (as per VDI / DGQ 3441)
Uncertainty (P) X / Y / Z : 0,007 mm B, C : 10 sec
Repeatability (Ps medium) X / Y / Z : 0,004 mm B, C : 5 sec
Over-all measurements (Doors opened + conveyor)
Width mm 8.890
Depth mm 15.000
Height mm 6.370
Weight of the machine mm 95.000
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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