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Tachyon Series
Tachyon 5

These machines combine dynamism and accurate precision machining. They are perfectly suited to production lines in series


Key Features

Vertical drilling-tapping centre

  • Machine with reduced footprint
  • Fixed bed structure with traverse, saddle and mobile spindle carriage for high dynamics and accurate machining
  • Fixed structure and 3 linear axes on tools to allow high rigidity and dynamism
  • Integrated divided table with rapid rotation to reduce the workpiece changing time

Technical Specification

Tachyon 5
Linear axes
X axis mm 550
Y axis mm 400
Z axis mm 450
Rapid feedrate m/min X / Y / Z : 60
Rotating divided table
Table dimension mm 600 x 400
Admissible load kg 2 x 250
Rotating speed rpm 15.000
Taper BBT 30
Power kW 7,4
Torque Nm 41
Characteristic speed rpm 2.000
Automatic tool changer
Number of housings 24
Max. tool diameter mm 80
Max. tool weight kg 2
Max. tool length mm 200
Accuracy (according to VDI / DGQ 3441)
Positioning (P) mm X / Y / Z : 0,006
Repeatability (PS medium) mm X / Y / Z : 0,004
Over-all measurements (Doors opened + conveyo)
Width mm 2.210
Depth mm 4.360
Height mm 2.620
Weight of the machine kg 4.500
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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