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Umill Series
Umill 6

Power, Rapidity, Accuracy
The solution for complex workpieces with 5 axes !


Umill range is a 5-axis machining centres with a portal structure and a swivelling rotary table on cradle.

Its modern design and compact size are optimized to guarantee a minimal footprint without compromising either to the workpiece volume or to the fundamental caracteristic of the HURON machines : enhanced rigidity for high performance and quality machining.

This range is ideally suited for complex parts in 3 or 5 axes, from roughting to finishing, for various sectors such as high precision mechanical parts, automotive, rail, energy, machining of 3D forms, or aerospace.

Key Features


  • structure with fixed portal in ribbed cast iron with stiffness walls attenuate the torsional stresses
  • cast iron with a high mechanical performance which maximizes structure rigidity and allows optimum harmonic stability and maximum damping during demanding cutting conditions
  • modular design allowing maximum flexibility in machine configurations


  • swivelling rotary table fixed on cradle
  • excellent approach to the workpiece on its 5 faces thanks to the swivelling of the table
  • optimized travels to offer an important distance under the spindle nose


  • powerful spindle with high torque allowing high metal removal rates
  • spindle body designed to facilitate accessibility to the workpiece during the 5-axis machining

Technical Specification

Umill 6
X - Y - Z axes mm 700 x 740 x 550
Rapid feedrate m/min 40
Table - A/C axes
A axis : Swiveling - Swivelling speed +20° / -110° - 20 rpm
C axis - Rotary - Rotary speed 360° - 35 rpm
Table dimension mm dia. 630
Admissible load kg 600
Spindle speed rpm 10.000
Taper ISO 40
Power kW 18
Torque Nm 173
Caracteristic speed rpm 1.000
Automatic tool changer
Qty housings 30
Max. diameter of tool mm 80
Max. weight of tool kg 7
Max. length of tool mm 300
Accuracy (according VDI / DQG 3441)
Positioning uncertainty (P) X / Y / Z : 0,015 mm
Repeatability (Ps medium) X / Y / Z : 0,005 mm
Over-all measurements (Doors opened + conveyor)
Width mm 4.410
Depth mm 4.170
Height mm 3.540
Weight of the machine kg 13.000
** Depends upon Work holding devices, Tooling and Job.

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