A varied and easily accessible region.
Although modest in size, Alsace’s geography is such that it offers an incredible variety of landscapes and climates. This geographical richness also contributes to the diversity of the region’s local products, providing countless possibilities for tourists to take interesting souvenirs back home with them.

Chiefly comprised of plains and hills, the region also offers a landscape ideal for anyone keen to enjoy mountain activities and to admire the outstanding views over the plains and towns of Alsace.

The transport infrastructure is well developed here, enabling visitors to travel in or to Alsace easily, by car or motorcycle, thanks to the motorway, by train with the TGV Est high-speed train service and the TER Alsace regional rail services, by plane thanks to the airports (Basel-Mulhouse, Baden-Airpark, Stuttgart and Strasbourg), and finally by boat for those looking for a more leisurely trip.

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